Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In The Waistband (IWB) Holster for Glock 26

Here are a couple of emails I've received this week. Several of my customers have ordered two or more holsters from me and I've never been asked for a refund!

"Hey Top! Just a little note to say thank you once again. The holster is sooo comfortable, I have been wearing IWB for some time but never experienced this level of comfort. Well I have an early shift in the AM so Stay Safe and keep making some of the best holsters ever worn. Thank you, Joe."

Loving the holster......I posted a thread asking for help on posting a review then we got hit by severe storms causing enough damage to keep us buried for months. I will get you some face time this weekend, I am more than satisfied. Couldn't imagine being without it. Thanks again.

I've been making and wearing IWB holsters for several years now.  I prefer the IWB holster for these reasons:

#1 They are discreet.  I routinely wear my holster while wearing shorts and a t-shirt and it cannot be seen.  When time comes for me to wear business or business casual clothing I am able to tuck my shirt in over the gun and the gun absolutely disappears.

#2 They are secure.  Between the precisely molded kydex and the tension placed on the weapon by the belt I have never had an occasion to worry about the security of my Glock.  When I get out of my truck I don't have to reach for my pistol to ensure that it is secure.  Additionally and more importantly the weapon is held in the same position to facilitate a smooth draw.

#3 They are comfortable.  The bottom line is... if a holster isn't comfortable it will be left behind on occasion.  I believe that a properly licensed individual should carry their pistol whenever and wherever they may do so legally.

#4 They are quick.  Because the pistol is held securely it is always in the same place.  I hand fit each holster I make to ensure that they allow a full firing grip while the pistol is still in the holster.

When I make a holster for someone else I cut the horse hide larger than what you've seen on my own personal holster.  A holster is a very personal piece of equipment and one size may not fit all.  Additionally having the extra hide allows the owner to drill additional holes to accommodate different clips or to move the clips to allow for different trousers with different belt loops.

Please send any questions you might have to me at  Currently I am making holsters for the 1911, Glock 9/40/357, Springfield XD and EMPs, and Kahr pistols.  I am adding to this list, please send me an email with questions.

Here are a few pictures of the rig I am currently carrying.  I have taken it to the shop on several occasions to trim a little horse hide here and grind a little kydex there.  I believe that less is more when it comes to holsters.

I will post some holsters for sale later today.  I have holsters available for the Glock, 1911, Kahr P/PM9 and Kahr P/PM45.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mora 546 G with Tan Kydex Sheath.

Basically this is the Mora 511 with a stainless blade and a green handle.  It will work with any of my sheaths for the 511.  I've been using one of these on my boat and it works well. 

My kydex sheaths are set up to wear as neck knives or to be belt carried using a Blade Tech Tek Lok.  (Available below.)  The Tek Lok allows the knife to be carried either vertically or horizontally and from either the left or right side.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mora 511 with Tan Kydex Sheath

I think Mora Knives are the best bang for the buck going.  I am particularly fond of the carbon steel versions.  If I had to pick just one as my all time favorite... it would have to be the 510.  I have a 510 but they have since stopped making them, that is a shame.  They do make the 511 still however, and it now fills my favorite Mora slot.

I love the knife, hate the sheath. That is the reason I started making kydex sheaths a couple of years ago.  The 511 is a great utility knife.  Easy to sharpen, good blade length, comfortable handle and I have even come to love the finger guard.

I generally wear this knife as a neck knife.  It is extremely light at about 4 oz with the sheath.  The sheath is shown with the Blade Tech Tek Lok (which is available below).  This set up allows the knife to be worn on up to a 1.5" belt vertically or horizontally and from either the right or left side.

$20.00 shipped in the 48 States. Tek Lok not included but available below.  Original Mora sheath is included.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blade Tech Tek Lok

I set up just about all of my sheaths to use the Blade Tech Small Tek Lok.  It allows my sheaths to be worn on nearly any belt or strap up to 1.5" wide.

Extremely well designed and made to last.  The Tek-Lok comes with all the hardware you need to install it on your sheath.  Carrying a small phillips screwdriver will allow you to move the Tek-Lok from sheath to sheath or to go from a horizontal to vertical carry in seconds.

$9.00 shipped to your door in the 48 states.